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femme algérienne au foyer femme algérienne chronique artisanale bijoux femme artisanat المرأة والعمل صناعة تقليدية صناعة تقليدية جزائرية الحرف اليدوية التي تشتهر في بلادي الجزائر
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About us
Home to creative female artisans

Kawarir is a marketplace for handmade creative goods. But more so, it is a platform dedicated to supporting female artisans.

Founded in 2020 in Annaba city, Algeria, Kawarir is motivated by the desire to simplify the creativity journey for female artisans. We made it our mission to provide Algerian female artisans with a platform devoted exclusively to boosting their participation in the global handicraft markets.

Essentially, our online marketplace and mobile app keep the Algerian female artisans’ community in sync with the latest tech trends in the handicraft industry. We make sure subscribing to Kawarir means subscribing to a smooth growth and secure business transactions.

Our belief system stems from the need for both the economic empowerment of women and the adoption of a green mindset. By showcasing a selection of over 4500 handmade products in over 1200 Kawarir stores in 2020, our platform encourages the handmade, hence the green and eco lifestyle.

At Kawarir, we strive to help female artisans of all ages to follow their passion and rise economically. We also are keen to provide the Algerian customer with unique and creative handmade products.